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What to track in your bullet journal

This Blog post is from my old website before I switched to self-hosting. It was published on January 21, 2018

Recently I have been really annoyed with my Bullet Journal Spreads because I did not have a lot to write in. Most of my weekly spreads were pretty empty. This is why I decided to switch some things up as you might have seen already in my latest plan with me video. I know that a lot of people have the same problem as I have and today I want to show you a couple of ideas I came up with for my Bullet Journal

Monthly Tracking Ideas

Habit Tracker

December Habit Tracker

Every Month I track my journaling and studying habit in my Bullet Journal. If you have been following this blog for a while you probably have seen this type of tracker because I review it on this blog every month.

Blog Tracker

What to track in your Bullet Journal

My blog tracker helps me a lot with collecting blog post ideas and planning ahead. Since I  found a blog tracker that is working for me I finally manage to post regularly and at least twice a week.

Meditation Tracker

A Month Of Meditation

In December I decided I wanted to develop a meditation habit. I called it my month of meditation. To motivate myself I made a special tracker for meditating and it worked really good. If you have a habit you want to develop it is a great idea to create a separate monthly tracker for this habit.

Monthly to-do list

What to track in your Bullet Journal

Something I really like is having a monthly to-do list. You can go back to that list whenever you work on your weekly spreads and put some of your monthly to-dos down for that week. It helps with keeping an overview of all the things you have to get done over a longer period of time.

Other monthly tracking ideas

  • sleep log
  • goals for this month
  • mood tracker


Weekly Tracking Ideas


What to track in your Bullet Journal

If you are still going to school weekly spreads are great for keeping an overview of your homework. Whenever I get homework I write them down on the date they were given and once I have finished them I cross them out. This way I always know what I still have to finish that week.


What to track in your Bullet Journal

Another great idea for students is to track your upcoming exams in your weekly spread. Every week I have a little exam tracker where I write down the next two weeks and mark the days I have an exam. This way I always know what and when I have to start studying for a certain class.

Daily and weekly to-dos

What to track in your Bullet Journal

In my weekly spreads, I always have a section for things I want to get done or work on that week but I also started to make little to-do lists for each day. This way I stay way more organized and I am less likely to forget to do something.

Other weekly tracking ideas

  • mood tracker
  • sleep log
  • drinking habit
  • “one line a day” (write down one sentence that describes your day every day)


What do you like to track in your Bullet Journal?

Lots of Love

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