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Setting up my new diary

This Blog post is from my old website before I switched to self-hosting. It was published on January 28, 2018


This is my new Diary. I finished the last page of my old journal on January 24 and I am going to do a flip through of it very soon. But for today I want to show you my new diary. I am really excited about it because not only do I love the way it looks but I also made it myself. It is one of my first handmade journals that I am also selling in my Etsy Shop. I made it from an old book by replacing the pages with blank paper.

Design ohne Titel.jpg

For the first page, I added my contact so in case I’ll lose my diary, which I hope I never will, it can find it’s way back to me. I also added a warning for anyone not to keep reading.


On the next page, I added my traditional welcome page. In every journal, I start with a welcoming page in which my journal tells me a little bit more about itself. I really like doing this pages because it is an opportunity to reflect on what you want to write about and what might be coming up.


For my first entry, I tried to experiment with the new layout and I absolutely love it. My only concern is that since this notebook as about 500 pages it will become really, really big over time.

Do you have a diary? If you do, do you have any special pages you always include?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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