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Preparing A New Semester At University (+ Back to School Prompts)

Back to school season may be over but I still have four more weeks until I go back to university. I will start my third semester in Octobre which is insane because I still feel like I just started my first one. The good news is I still love university as much as I did on day one. Once a nerd, always a nerd. But that is not what I want to talk about this week. A couple days ago motivation hit me and I started planning the upcoming semester in my journals. I know I am late to the party but this week I want to show you how I prepare for back to school and besides I think you can still start planning when you are already back at school.

So here is what I do:

1. Plan my weekly routine

Preparing A New Semester At University (+ Back to School Prompts)

To get an overview of what is expecting me once classes start again I put my schedule in my bullet journal and started planning out my week. Since Friday is the only day my local pool is open I already blocked Friday morning to go swimming. I still have to add my work days but so far my schedule looks manageable and leaves me a lot of time to journal.

On the right side, I put some extra dates and I still have enough space to add my exam dates later on.

2. Set goals

Preparing A New Semester At University (+ Back to School Prompts)

As you might know, I like to set goals because they give me a reason to work. I am very ambitious and put a lot of pressure on me when it comes to my grades so this year I made sure to include enough self-care goals. My main goals for this semester are:

  1. Maintain my grades and maybe even improve them
  2. Go swimming at least once a week
  3. Stick to my morning routine
  4. Study a little bit every week so I don’t get overwhelmed during exam season
  5. Make sure to not pressure myself too much

3. Think about how I want to study

I like to have a plan so what I do before each semester is plan how I want to study. I think about what went good before and what didn’t. Last semester, for example, I spent a lot of time making summaries of my classes and didn’t end up using them. Instead, I used flashcards and got stressed because I still had to write them when I was supposed to study. This coming semester I am planning on working on my summaries during class and use my revision time to prepare my flashcards. We’ll see how that goes.

4. Plan my morning routine

Preparing A New Semester At University (+ Back to School Prompts)

Last semester I struggled with getting out of bed every morning because I didn’t have a structured morning routine. I am a morning person and work best in the morning. Not getting up messed up my whole day and wasn’t helping me at all. This semester I have a lot of spare time in the morning since most of my classes start after lunch and I really want to use that time for things I enjoy. This is why I already set up a morning routine for me to follow and finally establish a sleep schedule again. Maybe I will plan a night routine as well.

5. Set up my bullet journal

Since I tend to abandon my bullet journal when I don’t have class going back to uni means I need to set up everything to start off prepared. If you want to know how I use my bullet journal for uni you might want to check out my bullet journal set up from last semester because I didn’t change anything yet.

10 Journal prompts for going back to school

Preparing A New Semester At University (+ Back to School Prompts)

If you want to plan your semester or your year as well I have put together some more prompts for you to look at and maybe try out yourself. It is never too late to start planning. I don’t write about all of these prompts but even thinking about them a little bit can be very helpful. For me doing something is much easier when I already know how I want to do it and what I can expect. It doesn’t always work out but still makes my life a lot easier.

Planning and Preparing the upcoming semester has made me even more excited to go back to uni than I already was. Once it is time to go back I am ready to go. I am optimistic it is going to be a good semester. What about you? Do you go to school or university and how do you prepare for it?

Lots of Love

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