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My favorite journaling prompts

This Blog post is from my old website before I switched to self-hosting. It was published on May 23, 2018

My favorite journaling prompts

Since I started my morning page journal I don’t write as much about my days in my normal journal which made me turn to doing a lot more prompts. I am always searching Pinterest for new ideas and inspiration but it is really hard to find something I am motivated enough to write about. Today I want to turn that around. At the moment I have a couple favorite journaling prompts that I keep returning to, which I want to tell you about today. Maybe one of these prompts will inspire you to create something as well.



I have always loved making lists because they can be about anything and everything you want. They are customizable and you can re-do them as often as you like. You can do common lists like a wishlist, goals, dreams or a bucket list but you can also go a completely different direction like a list of compliments to yourself or things you like about yourself. You could list things your love and one of my favorite lists, list words you want to be described with. You could just write down your lists or you could sketch or collage them. There are so many ways you can go with your lists. I could probably write a whole blog post only about them.

Things you’re loving right now


Another thing I like to do is to write about things you’re loving right now and why you love them. I recently wrote about an Instagram account I really like and a couple of songs. Sometimes I even glue in a random picture and just write about all the reasons why I love it.



I got into this after reading a girl with a journal’s journaling prompts class. There are so many things to review. I even reviewed a girl with a journal’s journaling prompts class after reading it. You can review books, movies, songs, restaurants, products you have tried or you could review things you did or habits. I recently reviewed some tea I tried and my miracle morning routine. As you might know, I even review my habit tracker at the end of each month. I usually do this in a blog post.

Book notes


This prompt is one I started a while ago. There is something special about taking notes while reading that I love. I took a lot of book notes while reading the miracle morning and I love to read them from time to time to remember what I read. I also took some book notes of my own book I am working on at the moment.

Magical words


I have always loved to collect words that sound magical and I just recently started to write about them. Sometimes I come across a word I feel a deep connection with and I write about it in my journal. I also like to choose magical words and use them as inspiration for my art journal.

Writing about yourself

My favorite journaling prompts

Writing about your yourself is great to document how you change throughout your life and to see how you grow through your challenges and the choices you make. From time to time I sit down to write about who I am at the moment, what I am going through and how I think I changed. I also like to include some pictures of myself to visualize the changes I have been through.

I hope you like these prompts and found some inspiration in the pages I created through the last couple of months. What are your favorite prompts?

Lots of Love

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