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Music inspired journaling

This Blog post is from my old website before I switched to self-hosting. It was published on February 21, 2018

Recently I have been inspired to journal by quite a few songs. Besides including little playlists in my diary I also created a couple of art journal pages based on songs I am currently listening to. Today I want to share some of these journal pages with you and I hope I may inspire you to journal about your favorite songs as well.

1. Mini playlists

Music inspired journaling

I love adding these mini playlists to my diary because with a special song you always associate memories or how you felt during the time you listened to it. In songs, you can conserve certain feelings. If you skip through your journal in a couple of years you can listen to the songs you included in your mini playlists again and travel back to the old times for a while.

2. Portraying the feeling of a song

Music inspired journaling (inspired by city song by Grace Vanderwaal)

This page was inspired by city song by Grace Vanderwaal. It reminds me of the feeling I have when I go on one of my creative strolls to the city. I always feel so happy, free and like I could dance on the street when I am walking through the busy streets. The picture on the right is from the music video to the song which I loved so much that I decided to draw a picture of it for this page. On the left, I also included some lyrics from the song, which I always love to do.

3. Drawing pictures that pops up in  your head while listening to a song

Music inspired journaling (inspired by sick boy by the chainsmokers)

The last page I want to show you today was inspired by the song sick boy by The Chainsmokers. I was listening to the song when this picture suddenly popped up in my head and I just had to try to get it on paper. I also added a line of the song on top.

Are you ever inspired by a song you listen to?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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