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Journal travel kit

This Blog post is from my old website before I switched to self-hosting. It was published on July 18, 2018

Summer finally arrived and that means school is out and most of us leave home to go on amazing trips and adventures. Those memories need to be documented of course. If you are like me the best but also most challenging part of preparing a trip is packing all your journaling supplies. It is very hard to decide what to take and what to leave at home. Luckily help is on the rise because today I want to show you which of my supplies I like to take with me on a trip.

My Journals


As you might know, I have multiple journals and I can’t take all of them with me when I go on a trip. This is why I usually stick to just these two. The blue one is my art journal and the other one my traveler’s notebook where I do my everyday journaling in. My Bujo usually has to stay at home.

Date Stamp + Ink Pad


My date stamp travels with me as well. It is from paper poetry and I use it on every journal page I make. Besides my date stamp, I sometimes take some of my favorite stamps with me as well but that depends on the trip.

Washi Tape


Of course, I can’t leave the house without washi tape. Before every trip, I go through my collection and pick out my favorite ones or ones I think I might use on this trip. I put them in this pencil case that fits them perfectly.



Stickers are always great to take with you. My Paperkumaco stickers are my favorites so I always take some of them with me. Just like with my washi tapes I usually go through my collection of stickers and decide which ones I might use on my trip.

Ephemera + Journaling Cards


Besides stickers and washi tape I also decide on some ephemera and journaling cards to take with me. I try to stick to just a few that fit the trip.



My watercolors travel with me as well. I just love them so much I can’t leave them behind. I usually take just one water brush as well as two little jars for water as an addition to my watercolor pallet.

Pens + Pencils

My pencil case usually contains my favorite colors of my Tombow Dual Brush Pens, fine liners and some Muji Gel Pens as well as my fountain pen. There are my go-to pens. I use every day so of course, they have to join me on my trip. You can imagine my pencil case is very big.

Where do I put everything?

Now the trick question is where I put everything? I have this pouch which is intended to be used for your toothbrush and other bathroom products but since it fits my journals perfectly I use it to carry all my journal supplies. It even fits my pencil case with my washi tape and my watercolors perfectly. It also has two pockets on the side which I use to store smaller things like my stickers in.


How to put together your own journal travel kit

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