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First Time Journaling In A While – Journal With Me

I finally uploaded a video to YouTube again. It has been over to months since I shared a video which is definitely too long and I am really sorry to have kept you waiting. Over the last couple of months, I have been in a journaling rut where I had no inspiration and motivation to journal and when I finally sat down to create something I didn’t feel like sharing it. When I finally got out of my rut I was in the middle of exam preparations and my writing hand started to hurt.

So I went to the doctor and he told me to not write for a while. It was torture because at that point I had a lot of ideas and I also went to the creative world which left me even more inspired. To be honest I was really bad at not journaling and writing at all but luckily I made it through my exams and my hand started to get better so now everything is back to normal. I would have told you all about this in the voice-over of the video but I am having some technical difficulties and whenever I record the audio the quality turns out horrible.

Since there is no voice-over I wanted to tell you a little bit about the page here. As I do most of the time I started off with a simple watercolor background which I have shown you guys before. U basically add some watercolor on a leftover plastic wrapping and then push that onto the page. It is pretty simple. To get a more splattery effect I first dried off the page and then added another layer with the watercolor still left on the plastic surface.

On the right bottom corner, I added the number 50.000 with a stencil and added a blue gradient effect with watercolor. The meaning behind that number is that I hit 50.000 words in my book I have been writing over the last four years. It is nothing good and the world will never see it but I really like working on it. My novels and publication teacher during my exchange year always said that it wasn’t a book until you have written 50.000 words so hitting that word count was a really exciting moment for me.

On the upper left corner, I added a sticker I made while I was not supposed to draw (ups). I have been working on a couple of new sticker designs and this one is one of my favorites. I made it with a couple of different backgrounds but of course, I had to go with the blue version.

Then I added the date and started writing

And that is basically it for this page. I hope you can overlook that there is no voice-over. I will try to find a solution to the problem until next time but I really wanted to share this video without waiting any longer.

Lots of Love

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