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Bullet Journal Ideas for Booklovers

One of my goals for 2020 is to read more books. I have always loved to read but forgot about it for the last couple of years. I never knew what to read and so I barely read anything at all. But every time I did pick a book I remembered how much I love to it. There is something about good books that lets you completely forget everything and dive into the story as if you were a part of it and I absolutely love that feeling. I started to follow a lot of bookstagramers on Instagram because I find pictures of colorful arranged books very pleasing to look at. It also makes me want to read more. For 2020 I want to at least read one book a month and to help reach my goal I set up a couple of spreads in my bullet journal, which I want to share with you today.

Books To Read

Bullet Journal Ideas for Booklovers

Of course, I needed a “Books To Read” spread in my bullet journal. I actually started this list almost a year ago and started off my year with two books from it. I already finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and right now I am reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. What are you currently reading?

Library Book Tracker

Bullet Journal Ideas for Booklovers

I get most of my books from the library. I grew up right next to one which I really enjoyed and miss now. Nowadays I have to take the bus to get to the library. Since there are plenty of different libraries in Stuttgart I started this page to keep track of where which book was from and when I have to bring it back. It is a very helpful page and I am hoping to use it a lot more this year.

Books Read In 2020

Bullet Journal Ideas for Booklovers

To keep up with my goal of reading at least one book a month I recently made a page to track all the books I read in 2020. I have a column for the title, author, the month I read a book and one for rating the book. I already put Fangri on the list which I gave four out of five stars. Have you read it? I have seen it all over Instagram lately.

Writing Down My Thoughts On A Book

Bullet Journal Ideas for Booklovers

Technically this last one isn’t a classic bullet journal page but I still wanted to share this page with you. I really enjoy writing my thoughts about a book down in my journal. Especially if a book makes me think about something.

Do you record your reading in your journals and if you do what is your favorite kind of spread?

Lots of Love

just a blank space


    • justablankspace

      Thank you very much. I can understand how you feel. Usually I am really hard at keeping up with trackers in my bullet journal but this one I have been keeping up for a while.

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