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About not finishing a journal

This Blog post is from my old website before I switched to self-hosting. It was published on April 18, 2018

About Not Finishing A Journal

Today I want to talk about one of my current journals and why I am not going to finish it. I feel like many people think that once they have started a journal they have to finish it all the way. To be honest, I share this belief sometimes but of course, it is totally fine to not finish a journal all the way and move into a new one if things are not working out.


This is the journal I am talking about

About not finishing a journalThis is the journal I did not finish. It is one of my handmade journals I made for my Etsy shop. I do love the cover and the quality of the paper but there are a couple of reasons why this journal did not work for me which I will tell you about in a second. I started this journal in January 2018 as my third writing journal/diary and you can find out all about the set up of this journal here.


Why I did not finish this journal

  1. The journal is too big.  This journal has about 500 pages and as I got further along it got thicker and thicker making it really hard to write in it.
  2. The paper is blank. This journal did not have lined paper. I did make myself a template to write in straight lines but it was still very hard to write straight and I never really was pleased with my results.
  3. The chemistry was not right. From the beginning, there was always something that did not feel right about this journal. The chemistry between us just was not right.
  4. I wanted to move into my new traveler’s notebook. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I recently made my own traveler’s notebook. I really wanted to move into it after I finally managed to make one.
  5. It felt right to not finish this journal. Usually finishing a journal is hard because over the time I kind of develop a relationship with this journal. It becomes a part of me and I don’t want to put it away. With this journal it was different. I actually was super excited to finally stop writing in it.


In the End, it was the right decision for me to finish this journal.  I am much happier with my new one now (You can take a look at it here). Journaling should make you feel better and if your journal does not help you with that move into another one. Things don’t always work out. Not in life and not in journaling. If you want to see a flip through of this journal please let me know. I have not decided if I want to make one yet. What are your thoughts on not finishing a journal all the way?

Lots of Love

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